Me holding on at Le Petite Studio, NYC

Me holding on at Le Petite Studio, NYC

Working out used to be a challenge for me because I’m useless at hard core cardio. And I mean USELESS. For a long time I held on to the belief that it was the only way to get in shape so I threw in the towel altogether, until I discovered Pilates. I find it to be an excellent total body workout that's easier on the body.  I enjoy SLT (moderate cardio with pilates mix on a reformer) and when I want to spoil myself I go to Annie at Le Petite Studio in Soho for a one on one pilates work. When time is not on my side and I can't make it to the gym, I work out by lifting my twin two year olds!! I actually have them sit on my back and do plank for a minute at a time. Let's be honest, chasing them around is cardio enough. Haha.

No matter what element of fitness I’m doing, I love Wacoal’s Sport Underwire Bra for ultimate comfort and support. The unique wire faces away from the body to securely holds you in place and prevent chafing or rubbing. I never realized the difference a proper fitting sport bra makes until now! This one is sized like a bra and has adjustable straps, so whether you're a B cup or an H cup it will fit you perfectly and minimize bounce during high impact activities.

Looking for some workout fashion inspiration? See how I style my sport underwire!

Fitness is part of all our lives, make sure you're properly supported in the right sport bra. Wacoal Sport Underwire Bra is a good place to start!  Xoxo, Zanna

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