Seamed bras 101

By: Zanna Roberts Rassi

I have a confession to make: ever since my first bra fitting with Wacoal I have been fascinated with all things bra.  It is true what they say- the right bra can make you look and feel more confident in your own skin!  One of the major misconceptions I had was that smooth seamless bras are more supportive than their lacy counterparts but after talking with Dawn Kenney, Wacoal's National Fit Consultant Manager, I have a true appreciation for seamed bras in my wardrobe and want to share the knowledge she passed on to me.

Any bra cup that has 2 or more pieces sewn together is considered a seamed bra.  In fact, all lace bras must have seaming in their cups in order for the lace to lay properly. The seams act like support rods that will lift and shape your breasts by bringing them front and center.  This added lift keeps your breast tissue in place and gives you a leaner and more lifted silhouette.  Seamed bras also allow for greater cup capacity, making them an excellent choice for women with full busts. 

Another interesting detail that Dawn pointed out is the direction of the seams will dictate the type of shaping that bra will provide.  Here are 3 of the most popular seamed bra shapes and their feature benefits:

So it turns out prettiest bras out there are in fact the most supportive and fit a wider variety of cup sizes. Check out Wacoal’s full collection of seamed bras here, and if you’re interested in a professional bra fitting visit Wacoal’s store locator or call to find a fit specialist near you. 

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